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Publishing your map to a blog


Publishing to your blog is now very easy!  Due to the fact that you are hosting your map separate from the blog you will not have to worry much if any about conflicts between your work and the inner workings of the blog.  We will simply place an iframe tag in our blogs that point to our map.  It's as simple as that!  

If you know how to post to a blog you may skip this section.  If not login to your blogger account.  Click New Post.  Your post window should look like the following:  New Post

Click on the tab "Edit HTML" then enter the following iframe tag but replace the src with the address to your html file that you just uploaded.

<iframe height="600" src="http://giswebmapclass.freevar.com/webmap6.html" width="600"></iframe>

 Click "Compose" and add a title and whatever text around the iframe that you may want.  Publish your blog and send the link to everyone you may want to see the work you completed.  You can see my blog example at http://giswebmapclass.blogspot.com/ 

Thank you for taking part in my class!  If you have any questions please feel free to ask now or stop by my office.

Here is more info about debugging and dressing up your maps, please visit both sections for extras!  Also check out the Tutorial II page.