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Things we will cover


  1. Quick Review
         This is a quick review of the material we covered in the last mapping tutorial class.
  2. Map Controls
              We will be adding some useful control to your web maps to make them more GIS friendly and of course to follow the standards you have been taught by your GIS professors.
  3. Map Panel Layout
         In this GIS mapping tutorial we will learn how to set our map up so that it has a panel to use for additional information about the map itself.  This will be more of a lesson in designing and shaping your map to match the GIS standards.
  4. Map tools
              For this tutorial we will add the tools that will allow users to draw lines or polygons, add points, measure distances.  This will take our web map from a static state to being more useful to the end GIS user or audience.  This will enable us to add our own features and identify them as such.
  5. Map Tools Styled
              This portion is a lot of setup to get the code to work properly in the end.  It will be well worth the time we take to get this map looking nice..
  6. Complete Code
              We will be brief in this section as I have walked you through most of the steps and now I am ready to let you explore and poke around.  Here I have included the complete code to the finished tutorial.