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Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps may be the broadest category of map applications we have.  There are a countless number of implementations that could be ordered and delivered.  Below is a small subset of just a couple of examples of ideas that might go into an interactive map.  You may have similar ideas or very different ideas and as always we must stress that we build custom map applications to fit your needs. 

Interactive Scenario

In the following scenario I chose two different activities that are both affected by weather skiing and golf.  Because these are affected by weather I have added a national weather layer to the map.  This is a live weather layer with real data so you will see the current weather data below.  You will notice on the map in the top left corner a list which includes Weather, Ski Report and Golf Report.  If you check or uncheck any of the listed layers they will be added or removed based on the check.  When you turn on the ski report layer you will notice skier icons show up in the Michigan area.  If you click on them you will see a mock ski report for the specific resort.  You can do the same with the golf report.  In this sample the data for the reports has been mocked up and is not accurate data.  This is intended to give you some ideas of things you can add to an interactive map.