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We help you get your data to your audience

Many of our clients have great data that they want to get out to the public but don't know where to start.   This data comes from places like model runs, data computations, data translations, etc.  You likely have invested a lot of time and research in building the algorithms that produce the data.  Now it's time to show it off!  That's where we come in.  We can put your data in a web application that highlights exactly what you want shown to your audience.  We can display your data in an easy to understand, user friendly interface using a map, a graph, or even as a form, it really depends on the data and how you want it delivered.

We custom build every application specifically to fit the needs of the data and the desires of the you, the creator of the data. We will discuss with you the options and offer suggestions of how to best display the data you have to help you reach your audience and deliver the story that you want to tell with the data.

IMapApps is a Huntsville, Alabama based company

IMapApps is owned and operated by Billy Ashmall, an open source software engineer living right in Huntsville AL. Although we are a local company, we have global impact through the data applications and products we produce. Our engineers have experience working with companies such as NASA, Xerox, Mindex, USRA, UAH, and others. We have built many types of applications all the way from a simple map insert for a website, to a full web application from the ground up. We not only can help with building the application, but also with infrastructure setup, installations, and maintenance if needed.

It's all about the story

IMapApps strives to help scientists, researchers, and businesses tell stories through the display and interaction of data. We believe that data is very powerful when presented in a way that enables everyone to visualize it's message. All data tells some kind of story, what story is your data telling?


We appreciate all information that you can provide and will be happy to respond to any questions submitted either through the contact form or via direct email.

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