Welcome to IMapApps where we specialize in adding mapping functionality to Welcome your existing or newly designed website.  

Please check out our new Weather Radar Application https://ezweather.imapapps.com/ Get the latest radar images so you can monitor your current and upcoming conditions!

IMapApps makes adding maps to your unique website simple.  Each map is custom built by our mapping professionals to meet your specifications and needs as well as to match the design.  If you have a small business and want customers to be able to find your location quick and easy on a map, IMapApps can help. If you want to give detailed directions to customers on how to get to your location, IMapApps is here for you.  If you want to track project locations, event locations, report status and locations or anything on a map, IMapApps will complete the task for you with a custom user friendly map.  

We love to work with scientist and researchers to help them bring their data to the public. If you are creating a data product or model output and are struggling to get the data on the internet in a usable web application we can help. We can take ur data and show it on a map, in a graph, in a tabular structure, or however best fits the specific needs of your data.

We have experience in many different mapping APIs, we connect to data from WMS, WCS, WFS, or any OGC compliant service. We also can help with Google Earth Engine scripts and processing data through the python API for use within your application.